Welcome to the Jungle is the fourth level of Ancient Gardens in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. The naming originates from the Guns N' Roses song of the same name.


The first part of the level introduces the ability to perform techniques, and also Super Effects, status effects as they are referred to in game. It features three Ziggies, two of them behind Super Effect cover, as well as one Hopper slightly further behind, with partial cover.

The next part of the level features a slightly thinner map and three Ziggies behind partial cover, in addition to two Hoppers further ahead, behind full cover.

Welcome to the Jungle
Level Pic Info
Welcome to the Jungle WelcometotheJungle Mission Objective: Defeat All
Area 1: Garden Ziggy Portraitx3, Garden Hopper Portraitx1
Area 2: Garden Ziggy Portraitx3, Garden Hopper Portraitx2
Rewards: 200 Coins
Turn Limit: None
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