The Hidden Bridge is the secret tenth level of Ancient Gardens in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It can only be accessed by completing Top Banana, then returning to the Bamboo Islands and using Beep-0's Push ability to push two blocks to their respective buttons and revealing a submerged portion of bridge.


The first part of the level is divided into three levels: the lower level consists of two Ziggies behind partial cover and a Smasher out in the open, the middle level consists of a single Ziggy in the open, and the upper level consists of two Hoppers behind full metal cover.

The next part of the level features a rematch against Pirabbid Plant, who is behind metal cover and at higher ground. This map also features a few Ziggies, a handful of Smashers, and a single Hopper, most behind partial cover.

The Hidden Bridge
Level Pic Info
The Hidden Bridge TheHiddenBridge Mission Objective:
Area 1: Defeat All
Area 2: Defeat Midboss
Area 1: Garden Ziggy Portraitx3, Garden Hopper Portraitx2, Garden Smasher Portraitx1
Area 2: Garden Ziggy Portraitx3, Garden Hopper Portraitx1, Garden Smasher Portraitx3, Pirabbid Plant Portraitx1
Rewards: 200 Coins
Turn Limit: None
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