Spooky Trails
is the third world in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It is a haunted area located to the west of Sherbet Desert and to the east of the Lava Pits, consisting of many gates, moving vines, ensnared Boos, and a clock tower.


Mario and co. first land in Spooky Trails while pursuing Bowser Jr. and Spawny and searching for the Relics of Goodness to open the Moon Gate and awaken "Tom Phan". Along the way, Mario and co. happen to meet up with Toadette, whom they escort to Toad, and use the collected relics to open another gate. Mario and co. then fight Calavera and free Rabbid Yoshi, who joins shortly thereafter. Venturing into the deeper part of the woods, they encounter a clock tower, which they use to reverse the Moon's orbit and open the Moon Gate. Mario and co. then suddenly find that they had been decieved by Bowser Jr., and Spawny uses the SupaMerge on the Relics of Goodness and a Rabbid to form the Phantom. After defeating the Phantom, Beep-0 reports that Bowser Jr. had fled to the Lava Pits, thus revealing their final destination.


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