Sherbet Desert
is the second world in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It is a desert and snow area located to the west of Ancient Gardens and to the east of Spooky Trails, consisting of many canyons, snowdrifts, frozen Bloopers, and an icy summit.


Mario and co. first land in Sherbet Desert while pursuing Bowser Jr . and Spawny. After a brief run-in with Bowser Jr., Mario and co. happen to meet up with Toad, whom they escort to Toadette. Mario and co. then fights Blizzy and Sandy, and Rabbid Mario joins shortly thereafter. Venturing into the summit, they encounter a refridgerator, which Spawny uses the SupaMerge on to form the Icicle Golem. Princess Peach joins immediately thereafter. After defeating Icicle Golem, Beep-0 reports that Bowser Jr. had fled to Spooky Trails, thus revealing their next destination.


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