Rabbid YoshiMR
Rabbid Yoshi is a Rabbid dressed as Yoshi, and one of the eight playable characters in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. He was created when Spawny used the SupaMerge to fuse a Rabbid with an unspecified Yoshi collectible item. In the game, Rabbid Yoshi teams up with Mario, Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Luigi, Luigi, Rabbid Mario, Peach and Yoshi to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the mischievous Rabbids.

Rabbid Yoshi is first found in the center square of Spooky Trails, where he is being held hostage by Calavera, who uses Rabbid Yoshi as a weapon. Once Calavera is defeated, Rabbid Yoshi escapes from his clutches and shoots him repeatedly as he falls down a well, and then joins the crew on their adventure.

In-game, Rabbid Yoshi is described as a Boomboomer, as he has all-around offense, defense and mobility, however Rabbid Yoshi specializes in doing large damage to enemies at long range. His primary weapon is a Rumblebang, allowing Rabbid Yoshi to deal large amounts of damage at any range, but mainly long range, and his secondary weapon is a Grenaduck, allowing Rabbid Yoshi to deal large area-of-effect damage to enemies who are hiding behind cover or a shield.

Rabbid Yoshi's unique ability is that he has a Triple Dash when he is unlocked, allowing him to Dash three enemies in succession, however this can be upgraded to have five at once, giving Rabbid Yoshi the most amount of Dashes in the game, however Rabbid Yoshi does deal the least Dash damage in the game, making Rabbid Yoshi good for dealing small amounts of damage to multiple enemies so his teammates can finish them off( unless his ultra Dash is boosted with Mario's M-power).

His special abilities include Outer Shell, which makes Rabbid Yoshi almost immune to damage for one turn (however this can be upgraded so Rabbid Yoshi takes no damage when using this), and Scaredy Rabbid, which makes Rabbid Yoshi scare nearby enemies and make them run away from him. His Scaredy Rabbid ability( as well as other forced movement abilities) can also be used with " line of sight techniques" to give nearby enemies a little extra damage. His Outer Shell ability can also be used with Princess Peach's Protection ability to reduce damage taken from enemies.

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