Rabbid LuigiMR
Rabbid Luigi ​is a Rabbid dressed as Luigi, and one of the eight playable characters in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. He is also one of the three starting characters in the game, alongside Mario and Rabbid Peach. He was created when Spawny used the SupaMerge to fuse a Rabbid with a collectible Luigi cap, although this is done offscreen. In the game, Rabbid Luigi teams up with Mario, Rabbid Peach, Luigi, Rabbid Mario, Peach, Rabbid Yoshi and Yoshi to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the mischievous Rabbids.

In-game, Rabbid Luigi is described as a Wizard, with great defense and decent offense and mobility. Unlike other heroes, Rabbid Luigi is more of a supportive hero, as his primary weapon is a Bworb, a unique weapon to Rabbid Luigi and does low weapon damage ( Unless it's boosted with Mario's M-power) at long range. Better versions of the Bworb eventually give a 100% chance to inflict a Super Effect on enemies (either Stone, Burn, Push, or Vamp for Rabbid Luigi), while other weapons don't. His secondary weapon is a Rocket, allowing Rabbid Luigi to do large area-of-effect damage to multiple enemies, while also potentially destroying their cover, letting Rabbid Luigi's teammates take them out while increasing his supportive capabilities.

Also unlike other heroes, Rabbid Luigi has the ability to perform a 'Vamp Dash' instead of a regular Dash, which allows Rabbid Luigi to inflict any enemy he Dashes into with the Vamp effect, allowing his teammates and himself to heal themselves by damaging that enemy. His special abilities include Super Barrier, which causes Rabbid Luigi to become immune to all Super Effects for one turn, and Weaken, which reduces the damage output of all enemies in Rabbid's Luigi's range for one turn when used. Both his Super Barrier and his Weaken ability can be used in tandem with Princess Peach's Protection ability to reduce the damage output from all enemies( regardless of range) greatly.

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