Peach ​is one of the eight playable character in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. In the game, Peach teams up with Mario, Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Luigi, Luigi, Rabbid Mario, Rabbid Yoshi and Yoshi to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the mischievous Rabbids.

Peach is first found in front of her castle, standing outside the front entrance and will talk to the team when approached. However, Peach makes her first playable debut against the Icicle Golem after thawing Mario and one of his teammates, making Peach replace the third teammate. Peach is then unlocked as a playable hero after defeating the Icicle Golem.

In-game, Peach is described as a Paladin, with decent offense and mobility and very good defense, as Peach has the highest HP out of any hero in the game by far, making her a good tank. Her primary weapon is a Boomshot, allowing her to deal large damage to multiple enemies (and allies) at close range, and her secondary weapon is a Grenaduck, allowing her to throw a duck grenade to deal area-of-effect damage to multiple enemies either at long range or if they are behind cover and you can't shoot them. Peach also has the ability to perform a 'Healing Jump' instead of a regular Team Jump, which makes Peach heal herself and all allies around her for a small amount of their HP when she lands. Her special abilities include Royal Gaze, which allows Peach to attack an enemy who moves either during their turn or due to a forced-movement ability(such as Rabbid Mario's Magnet Dance), and Protection, which allows Peach to make all nearby allies take reduced damage for one turn. Her Protection ability can be used with either her Rabbid counterpart's Shield ability, Rabbid Luigi's Super Barrier( or his Weaken ability, which reduces the damage output of all enemies in his range), Rabbid Mario's Bodyguard ability( which reduces any movement-based damage he takes), or Rabbid Yoshi's Outer Shell ability, making her secondary ability the most useful.

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