Flower 'Bud' is the second level of Ancient Gardens in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.


Before the first stage, Mario and co. encounter the Sunflower, who goes underground when Beep-0 tries to receive help from him.

The first stage in this level introduces the movement-based dash attack and the team jump to the player. It features three Ziggies, all of them behind full cover.

The next part of the stage features a larger map and four Ziggies, with all except one behind partial cover. There is also an additional peninsula to the north that allows cover to use long-range attacks.

Once the level is cleared, the Sunflower will reward Mario and co. with a treasure chest containing his own figurine.

Flower 'Bud'
Level Pic Info
Flower 'Bud' FlowerBud Mission Objective: Defeat All
Area 1: Garden Ziggy Portraitx3
Area 2: Garden Ziggy Portraitx4
Rewards: 200 Coins
Turn Limit: None
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