Danger From Above is the third level of Ancient Gardens in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.


The first part of the level introduces the Hopper enemy, as well as the TactiCam, which allows the player to observe an area before a battle. It features a Ziggy at the front lines, as well as three Hoppers just behind it. This is also the first stage to feature elevated platforms.

The next part of the stage features a slightly larger map and three initial Ziggies, though they keep regenerating after each turn. Unlike the first part, this part's objective is to reach the area highlighted in yellow.

Danger From Above
Level Pic Info
Danger From Above DangerFromAbove Mission Objective:
Area 1: Defeat All
Area 2: Reach Area
Area 1: Garden Ziggy Portraitx1, Garden Hopper Portraitx3
Area 2: Garden Ziggy Portraitx3(∞)
Rewards: 200 Coins
Turn Limit: None
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