Brother, Where Art Thou? is the fifth level of Ancient Gardens in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Its name is a reference to the film O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Completing this level unlocks Luigi as a playable character.


Before the level begins, Mario hears Luigi's screams, and decides to investigate.

The first part of the level introduces the knowledge of damage bonuses from attacking at a greater height. It has a small pond near the center, with two Ziggies and two Hoppers guarding it. Another Ziggy can be found on higher ground, near a dropoff zone.

The next part of the level features Pirabbid Plant, the first boss of the game. This arena is symmetrical, having two higher platforms on each side. There are also Burn and Push covers found here, and a total of four Ziggies: two beside Pirabbid Plant, and two behind some Push covers on opposing high platforms.

Once Pirabbid Plant is defeated, Luigi joins Mario's team.

Brother, Where Art Thou?
Level Pic Info
Brother, Where Art Thou? BrotherWhereArtThou Mission Objective:
Area 1: Defeat All
Area 2: Defeat Midboss
Area 1: Garden Ziggy Portraitx3, Garden Hopper Portraitx2
Area 2: Garden Ziggy Portraitx4, Pirabbid Plant Portraitx1
Rewards: 200 Coins, Luigi Icon
Turn Limit: None
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