Ancient Gardens
is the first world in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It is a grassland and jungle area located to the east of Sherbet Desert, consisting of many flowers, water streams, immobilized Goombas, and a towering block structure.


Mario and co. first land in Ancient Gardens just after the SupaMerge headset merges with Spawny. They venture through the grassland area and get past the Sunflower before they reach Peach's Castle. After briefly reconciling with Princess Peach, Mario and co. take a cannon to enter the jungle area of Ancient Gardens, where they find and defeat Pirabbid Plant and recruit Luigi. As Mario and co. exit the jungle area and enter the base of the block tower, they encounter Toad, who warns them of an enemy on the tower. Mario and co. manage to make it to the top of the tower, where they encouter Bowser Jr., who takes Spawny and uses him to create Rabbid Kong. After defeating Rabbid Kong, Beep-0 reports that Bowser Jr. had fled to Sherbet Desert, thus revealing their next destination.


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